Buttcrushing Mania

Girls crush everything under their sexy asses

All articles in archive 8/2016

July loves sitting on bulky balloons. They're so comfortable and make afflicted sounds under her weight. Her ass moves on the balloon until it bursts with a pop. Her sexy butt in red hot pants destroyed it really quickly, so she takes another one and sits on it twice. This one is a little bit more persistent. Immediately July starts jumping on it with her whole weight until it also bursts at last!

Aww, you like this little blonde girlie? Really? I hate her. And I'll show to you what I make of bitches that I don't like. I turn her into a cowpat under my sexy buns! I sit down on her with my hot pants that scratch her sensitive face and move back and forth until she gets the dight dose of humiliation. She can't escape my full weight! And I'm not willing to stop yet ;-).

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