Buttcrushing Mania

Girls crush everything under their sexy asses

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Goddess Yasemin loves butt crushing and she wanted her friend to try it. Her friend was open to trying it out but she wanted to be shown how. A demonstration was quickly planned and goddess Yasemin did it by crushing a teddy bear with her butt and showed her how it was done. Then she asked her friend to give it a try which she did and she loved the experience.

Goddess Yasemin loves to butt crush teddy bears. She has a fetish for it and it turns her on especially since she has no boyfriend. Whenever she is bored or she is horny, she butt crushes her teddy bear and it makes her so turned on that she has to masturbate for her to feel relieved. And that is what she did today after she had facesat on the teddy bear.

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